Hosting AEM Site





I have configured AEM website locally with Microsoft IIS and corresponding Dispatcher.

Eg: http://localhost:80/content/homePage/us/en.html


Now, I want to know how I can host site my site globally means what web server to use and steps by step process and how to connect/run my project on web server.




Thanks in advance!!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The following web servers are supported for Dispatcher:


You can refer to the Dispatcher docs here:


The way you have configured dispatcher on your Microsoft IIS locally. Do the same on a server(Cloud or VM which you would expose publicly) with Microsoft IIS or Apache web server installed, and configure dispatcher on it the same way you did on your local.

Then, you can use the same dispatcher config & farm files (with slight modifications) on that server, test its integration with AEM(which you already have on your local, or is hosted on same or another server), setup AEM on other server, connect it with that dispatcher, test its integration & access and then release it to your customers.


The following deployment guide may be helpful:



Hope it helps !!