Host AEM  Website globally





1. We can host AEM site on IIS Server with dispatcher, However, I want to know it will be locally hosted or it will be globally accessed by user on browser??

And, what are the steps to test if our website successfully hosted on IIS or not??


2. When we share our website with user having admin right (can manage the content), do admin need to have specific settings in their system or what are the minimum system requirements for author??





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Answering your questions


  1. You can use IIS server as dispatcher but not as AEM server. AEM comes with default jetty servlet engine but you can use other servlet engines/application servers like tomcat and IBM websphere. For more info follow this link. AEM will be hosted either in cloud or on-perm based on the licensing model you have, in either of cases you can access the servers to edit content from the internet but if you would like to restrict you can handle this using whitelisting domain or IP's.
  2.  Not really necessary, it should work fine if they have a running browser like chrome/firefox/edge.