Hiding Classic Components in TouchUI



Is there a way to hide/suppress some components in Touch UI but still show up in Classic?

We are in the process of converting custom components from just Classic to both Classic and TouchUI. However, some components we are not converting, and will remain just Classic UI. These components are still showing up next to the converted ones, which is confusing, so we need to hide or suppress them.

(This is both for page components, when creating a page, and the component list, which adding components to the page.)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



In Touch UI, if you are using editable templates - de-select the category in the layout container policy. That way - the components will not show up.

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Answers (2)




Its the same thing in static template + Touch UI combination.

Restrict the components in your site's design page -

restrictive way of achieving this use case per container per template -

/etc/designs/<site_name>/jcr:content/<container_name> - on this container you can allow specific components or groups per your use case. 

usual/broader way -

restrict the components/groups for the entire page or site via 'Design' mode (in the drop down below EDIT mode)

You may check this in old geometrixx sites.