hide insight view in asset console for a particular user



Hi AlI have requirement to hide insight view in aem asset console. i have tried  so we  cant set rep:policy node on the designated node or i need to write custom code. is there ny other ootb way to achieve it?

 any help!!!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ajinkayk6258253,

@raghavc gave you the right answer so you can approve it, but I thought I would a bit more information for context.

Here is the ACE (Access Control Entry) that you need to apply:

Screenshot from 2020-05-29 17-00-38.png

If you are unfamiliar with ACEs, you can find the user interface by going to Tools > Security > Permissions.

And here is the before and after:


Screenshot from 2020-05-29 17-01-12.png


Screenshot from 2020-05-29 16-59-29.png

One more thing: your question is about hiding the insights tab from a particular user but in general its is strongly recommended to use a user to identify a particular person or service, but a group to attach ACEs. You would then add users to groups based on which rights they need and what their role is within AEM. This is much cleaner, much more semantic and makes your configurations re-usable in the future 🙂


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Answers (2)




You should not change anything inside /libs/

So /libs/dam/content/schemaeditors/forms/insights/items is not an option.


You should override in apps and handle through rendercondition with group renderer https://github.com/arunpatidar02/aem63app-repo/blob/master/jsp/grouprenderecondition.jsp





You can remove read access to the below path, this should hide the insights tab for the user.



As the path is marked internal, adding a new rendercondition might not be an option.