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dougp75058276 13-07-2018

Could someone help explain what is happening here? I suppose I don't have a full understanding of how hbs or aem is rendering these pages. 

I added a fontawesome icon to a page and it shows up when the page renders but then dissapears after a half second or so.  Same experience in both IE and Chrome.  The HTML is still in the DOM when i investigate it in dev tools.  There are no CSS classes/styles applied that would hide it, i removed all styles and its still hidden.  I also tried with coral icons and glyphicons and got the same result.

For instance, create a community with the library component.  Add a ref to fontawesome or another icon library and a line of html to show an icon.  You can probably find fontawesome in your crx already in weretail or acscommons if you have that.  Or just add it yourself to a clientlib.

Sample Code added temporarily around line 86 (before the table that shows existing library files) in /libs/social/filelibrary/components/hbs/filelibrary/filelibrary.hbs

{{includeClientLib categories="mnet.fonts"}}

<i class="fa fa-file-audio-o"></i> <i>TEST</i>

Every time i refresh it flashes on screen very briefly and then gets somehow hidden.  The TEST text remains displayed.

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