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Hi Adobe/GlobalLink Adapter team,


We are using GlobalLink Adapter 6.1.1 and AEM 6.4 for language translations from English to Spanish.


CASE 1: No issue (English is the source language. Our source files are under the folder /content/project/en folder). This case, Our repository is /content/project


There is no issue when we have the custom language mapping as English@en@en-US for the source language English (This mapping points the source files/nodes under en folder). Submission is succeeded.


CASE 2: Not able to make the submission works for the files located at /content/project. 

That means our repository and the source file path are same.


When we tried to make the source file path is same as the repository root, the submission fails. Because we have the custom language mapping as English@en@en-US.

I understand that, It fails because our language mapping refers en folder. Hence I tried to edit it as English@@en-US (or) English@.@en-US (or) English@ @en-US , etc and no luck in submission.


So, I am stuck on making the language mapping if i want to make the source files not in /content/project/en folder and want to refer the source path as /content/project folder which is same as repository root. Because i tried the language mapping as English@@en-US. This seems to be invalid mapping.


Please guide on setting up the correct language mapping for the source files directly located in the repository root, but not under en folder. Or if there is any other approach exists for the case 2 please route me in the correct path.


Thanks in advance



TransPerfect GlobalLink Connector Adapter

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Content Structure is Vital for running translation using any product. 

In my experience i have used transperfect extensively. Prerequisites for translating content pages.

1) Source Language is configured in the PD. In many cases they will configure only english as the source language that means you can translate from english to any language but not vice versa.

2) all the pages should be in the language folder example /content/project/en. So that once you select source as en , it will show the target languages from the folder /content/project/* i.e. all the folders parallel to /en/*




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