Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 2 - Creating a Base Page and Template: Problem With Breadcrumb Component

johna91 30-04-2019

Hey All,

I just got to the end of Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 2 - Creating a Base Page and Template​ and everything seems to be working okay other than the breadcrumb component mounted in the video at the end of the tutorial. I'll share some details below:​

  • The tutorial uses core.wcm.components - 2.2.0 and mine uses 2.3.2 (I don't think this is the issue but it may be)
  • An image of whats happening to the breadcrumb component:


It should have a link to home and it shouldn't have a carrot symbol. Does anyone know whats happening here or can help with this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

dgordon86 01-05-2019

Hey johna91​ I wouldn't worry about the `>` symbol. I think thats just an artifact from the new version of core components. In chapter 3 styles are added to format it.

Also just a heads up we are going to publish a 6.5 version (w/ 2.3.2 version of Core Components) shortly so be on the look out for that...

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

dgordon86 01-05-2019

Hi you should have the "First Article" as a child of the Home page, in your screenshot you have it as a sibling. It should created beneath the Home page:


johna91 01-05-2019

Hey Girishb,

I have tried this but I get a similar error:


The carrot symbols are not located in the breadcrumb in the video at the end of the tutorial, also the second level should produce a link to home. I do have two pages on that level and I'll place them below: