Getting "No resource found" error on publish environment



I've just set up a publish environment (port 4503), and I've Activated all of my content (/content/...,  /content/dam/...,  /apps/...,  /etc/Designs/...)  The homepage looks great on publish, but if I try and view a child page I get a "No resource found  Cannot serve request to /content/site-name/en/news.html on this server".  If I hit the same URL replacing ".html" with ".json" or ".infinity.json" I get a listing of all the content, and I can login to the /siteadmin on the publish site and see the pages there, so I know the content is there.  But there seems to be a rendering component that is missing.

The logs aren't much help:

GET /content/site-name/en/news.html HTTP/1.1] service: Uncaught SlingException No resource found


Thanks for your time.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



HI Matt,

Just some pointers that might help.

1] Appending ?wcmmode=disabled to page in author instance is the closest resemblance we can have to publish environment. Does issue appear even then.

2] Also, looks like one particular component is causing this to happen. Anyway you can narrow that down.

3] What happens if you create a package of that page and put it on publish instance. Is it the same behavior.

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Answers (4)



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Thanks for the response.  We figured it out - it was because the footer parsys had no content, and the child pages were referencing the footer resource.  We weren't doing a proper check to see if there were any child nodes when referencing the footer component.  The author instance was not showing the footer if wcmmode was anything but disabled on the child pages, which is why we only saw the problem on the publish instance.

Your #1 suggestion above did in fact cause the problem on authoring, and we narrowed it down to the footer component.

Thanks for your help,




Is this happening only for this child page only or all other child pages as well?

What about the behavior in author?

Please check all required code is there in publish environment or not.

Responsible component for this page is no referring properly.