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We have a 6.4.4 AEM instance and configured a external solr search. But we have the problem that not every update (add or delete) changes the solr index. We could not find out why. So after some time the index becomes out of date. Our solution is to delete the old index and create a new.
The index is created on author as the documentation says. That works fine for changes (add and delete) but not for creating a new index. In cases where pages are in status acivated but where change after activation the changed content is in the index and not the content which is published.

So is there any possibility to get the last published content of a page on author?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




@anjabed what are using solar for, is it for AEM author or for website search.


If AEM author search? Then it will index the latest change only right not last published.


If that AEM websites search, please remove indexing from author and configure it in publisher.


If you want both, create multiple solar instances and configure it accordingly.

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Answers (1)



if you want to delete old and create a new one , only option is to create index from publish instance for the first time after the subsequence update operations will be handled from Author.


There is no way , to get the last published content from author instance , considering the delta updates will be done by author after the last published content.