Generate Unique Component ID



After I create a page, I need my default component in the page to generate a unique ID and display it.

I have read a lot of threads related to this. UUID is something I could use and below code also i could use

f(F.P1.AUTO_NUM.rawValue == null)


var d = new Date();

var code = d.getDay().toString() + d.getMonth().toString() + d.getFullYear().toString() + d.getHours().toString() + d.getMinutes().toString() + d.getSeconds().toString() + d.getMilliseconds().toString();

//Set to code the the text field

F.P1.AUTO_NUM.rawValue = code;


I could not understand where to add his code or create a servlet or how could I create component with UUID property, Please Help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The most intuitive way to create an ID in the system is to use it's path in the repository. That's unique by design, and you need to invent some algorithm to design a UUID.