Fonts aren't brought along the Page Exporter

Karl515 20-02-2019


Here's my clientlibs and under my resources folder I have the fonts. works well on preview but when I export the page with Page Exporter. It doesn't come along. default Page exporter doesn't bring the fonts along?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Karl515 21-02-2019

Thanks. I did try but it did not work. But I managed a work around by placing my fonts in dam and using the type=copy, path=to/dam/font

It works but if I reference it from apps, it doesn't work.

is this alright? not standard or something cause fonts should be placed under apps/resource. But it works!

Lemme know what you guys think about this.

But for now, I'll keep my fonts under content/dam.


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Answers (16)

Karl515 21-02-2019

Thanks! that also works for me. I'm able to download the entire font using that, but the problem after is that the design node type=copy doesn't automatically points to that direction (../../apps/mySite/...myfont.otf) directly, But if I place my fonts in DAM the design node automatically points to my fonts location.




I tried same in 6.3, for me it is working fine. Fonts are getting downloaded too. I did not configure my site for any custom content sync config

though you can find more details to configure content sync at Mobile with Content Sync


This is what I referred to test -

generic node - A generic node is used to copy resources like clientlibs .js or .css files to the zip file

path is the path to 'resources' folder and not to the file.

"abc.ttf": {   //font name to be picked up

   "extension": "ttf",

    "type": "resources", 

    "path":  //path to resources folder

    "jcr:primaryType": "nt:unstructured" 


This is what worked for me on 6.4.3 for we-retail site. I just added 3 properties on '/etc/contentsync/templates/mysite'

path: /apps/weretail/clientlibs/clientlib-site/resources/fonts

type: copy    // I just found this type

jcr:primaryType: nt:unstructured

I'm able to download entire fonts folder specified by the path


I'm running out of ideas at the moment.

--you may want to try with 6.3 as it worked for Arun and then figure out the 6.3 vs 6.4 differences later

-- in the above screenshot, the path is missing "fonts" after "resources", add that and test 

--change the path '/apps/mysite/clientlibs' to '/etc/designs/mysite/clientlibs', create a duplicate node structure and test

Karl515 21-02-2019

Hello there! thanks. but unfortunately it's not working for me.
I'm using 6.4.0 then installed service pack 6.4.3.

Here's where my css lies,


any ideas?

Did you just use the default export settings? May I ask how did you apply your css to your html?

Karl515 20-02-2019

This is what my code looks like


-Referencing to the correct path.

This is what the converted code looks like


and this the file



Now here's what type-assets did.

Original code:


Converted to zip code:


and the folder structure it gave me.


-under that content is the reference image.

-under that var is where the css lies.


If I use type=copy path=font/path it would download the fonts but the css will not directly reference.

Thanks! tell me if you need more information.

Karl515 20-02-2019

Thanks for taking time to answer.
But according to content sync


client lib can only be set to js or css ATM.

I tested with otf but what happen was, my design node wasn't brought along with the zip.


Did you create specific nodes to export each type - woff, ttf, evg, eot etc.? I assume that you'd need to create it.

For example the following configuration node copies the geometrixx clientlibs .js files to the zip file:

"geometrixx.clientlibs.js": {   //any name

    "extension": "ttf",

    "type": "clientlib",  // or try with "resources"

    "path": "/etc/designs/geometrixx/clientlibs/resources",  //path to resources folder

    "jcr:primaryType": "nt:unstructured"  // type of each font

reference -

The Page Exporter