Follow dropdown does not display email subscription option

Asha2018 11-07-2018

Hi Rahul_Bhardwaj,

I have extended the subscriptions component and including it in my extended Search component as below:

{{include path="postsubscription" resourceType="/apps/test/components/postsubscription"}}

The "Follow" button that appears does not display the "Email Subscriptions" option in it, even though 'Day CQ Mail Service' is configured.

The same extended subscriptions component is also included in custom Forum and Topic components.

In these components all 3 options i.e. Activities, Notifications and Email Subscriptions are displayed properly.

Please let us know if any additional configuration has to be done to get the "Email Subscriptions" option in Search component.


Asha G

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Asha2018 12-07-2018

Hi Soctt,

I am referring Communities Notifications where the following statement is given:

"The Follow button provides a means to follow entries as activities, subscriptions and/or notifications.  Each time the Follow button is selected, it is possible to toggle on or off a selection.  The Email Subscriptions selection is only present when configured."

The Day CQ Mail Service is configured in AEM 6.2 instance. Still the "Email Subscriptions" options is not displayed in Search page (Search communities component is being used).

-Asha G

shrimoyc3495951 11-07-2018

smacdonald2008JK Kendallarunp99088702

I have similar Issue.If we have to Include Follow button outside the Forum,Q&A or blog, how can it be done.

Is there any additional configuration required other than Including the Subscriptions Component as a resourceType.