Flush agents took more than 1 minute to process queued path(2 path only in queue)

sankarr26533925 23-01-2019

We have configured four flush agents in publish instance(AEM 6.3 SP1). First two queues will receive pages under /content/test1 heirarchy and  other two queues will receive pages under /content/test2 heirarchy. Pages are sent to these queues programmatically. Totally there are two webserver endpoints only(localhost:9190 & localhost:9191) for these four queues. Even if two pages are sent to all four queues. Each queue is taking minimum 30 to 40 seconds to process two pages.

Is there any way to make flush agent to process the queued paths immediately once it receives?

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Enable debug logs on both AEM and dispatcher and try to find more clues from logs. The agents should process it immediately unless there are network issues and agent re-tries it.