Find out all the Heavy query components in AEM6.3





Is there any mechanisms in AEM6.3 through which we can find out customs query s that is consuming too much time to respond back even though we have good network.


The purpose is that we would want to improve page load time 



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Hi @srinivas_chann1 , 

You can go through the options mentioned above to check the load time of component. 


If you are looking at improving page speed you need to consider many factors and improvements such as minification of script, image size, cache, blocking of resource etc.

Lighthouse plugin which will part of chrome development tools will be one of the best option to improve the page performance, accessibility, SEO and best practices where it list down the issues and improvement suggestion. 



Some steps you can follow for page performance:-

1.  In browser Go to Developer Tools-Network Tab and  check which  requests are taking time.

2. OOTB AEM Developer Mode which you can choose and check which component taking more time.



3. And then the JCR Queries. Check the query performance tool also.

Here are some references you can go through to improve your page load time.







You would want to verify what @jbrar suggests. 


Assuming you are talking about page load time in your "site", there might be other factors at play as well


  1. Cache ratio
  2. Specific component logic
  3. Volume of traffic
  4. Clientlibs load time in browser
  5. breaking JS

If in author, also look at the "developer mode". It should give you component wise breakdown on loading time.