filevault pacakge plugin vs content package plugin



Which one to use ?

It seems based on what package plugin used, filter.xml syntax is different.

Can someone shed some light ? Application is on 6.3 and going to move to 6.5.

<!-- this plugin creates the content package artifact -->









  <!-- this plugin is only needed for crx package manager deployment -->






Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The new thing to use is the filevault-package-maven-plugin of Jackrabbit, which is a 95% percent droping for the content-package-maven-plugin (plus some more features). Except that it cannot upload the created content-package to AEM. But it's actually maintained and gets features added.

See [1] how to combine both to achieve the same behavior.

[1] aem-project-archetype/pom.xml at master · adobe/aem-project-archetype · GitHub

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