filevault in AEM6.4



Seems like that filevault is no longer available when installing AEM 6.4.

In AEM6.3 we are using v3.1.38 of filevault which is located in crx-quickstart/opt/filevault/

This directory doesn't exist in 6.4.

The documentation of 6.4 links to Package Share but there is only an old version of filevault 2.4.40 there.

In Apache Jackrabbit - Downloads

there is only src files available and no binaries.

Should we compile it ourselves ?

Please advise what to do in order to get the proper version of filevault for AEM 6.4

Thanks and best regards

Erling Klaeboe


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



I filed a DayCare ticket and here is the response I received:

I was able to download the source from this link and perform a Maven build.  You get a bunch of stuff after the build, but you'll find the zip file under the directory: ...\vault-cli\target

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Answers (5)



Is filevault meant to be included with AEM 6.4 now?  I don't see it included anymore on 6.4 SP1 installs in crx-quickstart/opt.  Is it always now meant to be downloaded separately?