Fetching dialog field value in JS



Hi All,


I have created custom component with dialog with one text field. I am trying to fetch text field value in js which gets called on clicking of validate button to validate the entered text field value by author. But I am unable to fetch dialog field value. 

I have tried these:


dialog.getField("property name").getValue();

properties.get("property name","");


But it is not working. Nothing observed in error logs.


Any help to resolve this will be appreciated.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)




if you want to validate your textfield in touchUI dialog refer this:- https://aemfuel.blogspot.com/2018/06/validating-fields-in-touch-ui-dialog.html if textfield and validate button both present on page.. then textfield value can be picked up by class or id of that element on click function of validate button





The best and awesome way that I found to get any dialog data in JS using in Jquery is using Coral UI.
Using this you can get any single field or multifield data.
It's really fast and smooth.
Checkout Jquery on dialog values to fetch the dialog values in JS using Jquery.

You can reach out to me as well, I have done a lots of customization on Coral UI.
Happy Coding!!