Fetch results using Collections in Search and Promote

kishore_polsani 29-10-2019


I am trying to fetch search results using Collections feature in Search and Promote.

I have two index files site1_index, site2_index where site1_index has two products which are also present in site2_index. I am able to fetch results for site2 collection but not for site1 collection. If I remove site2_index from URL entry point then able to see results for site1 collection.

URL Entrypoints




site1 regexp index:site1_index*

site2 regexp index:site2_index*

Any idea how we can show products for site1 and site2 in respective websites?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

kishore_polsani 29-10-2019

It's working after I rename the index connector name (added underscore), it's not working if index connector name is a single word like site1index.

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