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Fetch dialog property value in js in AEM


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I've a dialog selection box. What I need to check if the default value I've provided using  the property defaultValue and value I'll get from the selection box are equal or not!

So, to get selected value, we can get like this : 

function(dialog){ var selection = dialog.getField("<property name>"); var selectedValue = selection.value; }

Now, how can I get value in java script using the defaultValue property as name?




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Try using function getValue(). you should be able to get that.

  1. var selValue = dialog.getField("<property name>").getValue();


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get path till your dialog nodes
i.e. path = /apps/../items/<property name>/defaultValue.infinity.json
and from this Json you can get the default value.
sample snippet

var infinityjson = CQ.HTTP.noCaching(CQ.HTTP.getPath()+<property name>+'/defaultValue.infinity.json'); var infinityjsonObject = CQ.HTTP.eval(infinityjson); var defValue = infinityjsonObject.defaultValue;
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