Fetch data from a Data model

tommyk80763269 01-07-2018


I have seen a sample where a HTML5 form is calling a Data Model on an event.

What we are looking for is the possibility to add some data and use that to call a DM.

Anyone that could point me in the right direction or have a sample?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The form Data model is meant to work with Adaptive Forms authoring.

Please see [1]. 

For HTML5 forms, most features work the same as they do in PDF. Here is a list of the differences at [2].

If you setup an OLEDB connection in your XDP to pass data into your form, I believe the DB connection should still work server side. I'm not sure if the connection is supported on the client. 


I have not tried this myself in HTML5 forms, but most of the XFA constructs [2] are still supported server side if I am not mistaken.

[1]  Adobe Experience Manager Help | AEM Forms Data Integration

[2] Adobe Experience Manager Help | Feature differentiation between HTML5 forms and PDF forms

Answers (10)

Answers (10)

tommyk80763269 09-07-2018

Hi Jared,

but isn't this only for Adaptive Forms? Did you  use  a HTML5 form on your test?

If you did, could you send me the xdp?



Jared_Langdon 09-07-2018

First, make sure you have AEM 6.3 with SP1 or higher.  I would suggest starting with this article:


You will learn there how to configure data sources.  Once you have a data source created, add a get service and test it as described in the article.

When you got that going, check out this article:


You might want to go straight to the section "invoke form data model example".

I was able to get this working with a relational database.  Hope this helps.

Jitendra_S_Toma 06-07-2018


So if I understand your question correctly, you want to pass some id (i.e data) from your form to Data model and same data or id can be used in service. Service is part of your data model.

Is that correct?

Jared_Langdon 06-07-2018

What do you mean by "add some data"?  Do you mean, for example, user enters the ID of a database record and you fetch that using a get service defined in your data model?  I can walk you through that, but first please clarify if that's what you need.