Failed to add ACL permissions in AEM 6.3



Hello All,

            We are creating certain users and assigning ACL permissions programmatically, using below code(partial  code), which is perfectly working in AEM 6.0 but failing in AEM 6.3, throwing below exception.

Coul you please let us know, how to implement the below in AEM 6.3, any helpx document will be helpful.

06.08.2018 13:41:49.267 *ERROR* [qtp1995913297-46126] [] The start method has thrown an exception (java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to

java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to


Partial Code:-


public void addACLPermiForGroup(final String groupName, final String path, final String privilege)

        throws UserPersistenceException {

    try {

        UserManagerWrapper userManagerWrapper = userManagerWrapperFactory.createUserManagerWrapper();

        AccessControlManager aMgr = accessControlManagerFactory.createAccessControlManager();

        AccessControlList acl;

        for (String strPath : path.split(PATH_CONFIG_SEPARATOR)) {

            AccessControlPolicyIterator acplItr = aMgr.getApplicablePolicies(strPath);

            if (acplItr.hasNext()) {

                // get first applicable policy (for nodes w/o policy)

               acl = (AccessControlList) acplItr.nextAccessControlPolicy(); // Exception is thrown at this line

            } else {

                // else node already has a policy, get that one

                acl = (AccessControlList) aMgr.getPolicies(strPath)[0];


            for (AccessControlEntry e : acl.getAccessControlEntries()) {

                Principal p = e.getPrincipal();

                if (e.getPrincipal().equals(userManagerWrapper.getExistingAemGroup(groupName).getPrincipal()))





           String[] privilegeNames = privilege.split(PATH_CONFIG_SEPARATOR);

            Privilege[] privileges = new Privilege[privilegeNames.length];

            for(int i=0; i < privileges.length; i++)


                privileges[i] = aMgr.privilegeFromName(privilegeNames[i]);



                    userManagerWrapper.getExistingAemGroup(groupName).getPrincipal(), privileges);

            aMgr.setPolicy(strPath, acl);


    } catch (RepositoryException e) {

        throw new RetryableRepositoryException(String.format(

                "Failed to add %s ACL permission to %s for %s", privilege, path, groupName, e));



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Sree,

Here is very good documentation around it. I believe it is just API Change and not anything logically failing there. Just follow the sections for reading/updating access policy.

Closed User Groups in AEM 6.3

Answers (3)

Answers (3)



Hi Sreenivasalu,

We are also facing the same issue, cannot be cast to

I tried to modify the code from the suggested link but still i am facing the same issue.Closed User Groups in AEM 6.3

Please let us know what you have done to fix this issue.



Hi Sreenivasula,

                            This is Velpari. We are also facing the same issue for the permission. Did the permission issue fixed for you ?

In-case if it fixed, Can you please send us the updated code or suggest how to fix the Issue ??



Hi Jitendra,

                    We had checked this link  Closed User Groups in AEM 6.3  in which they are assigning some values to the Principal Api . Please find the below code


Principal toAdd1 = [...]

Principal toAdd2 = [...]


Can you please suggest us what parameters we need to pass to the variables toAdd1,toAdd2. ??