Extract only the Body html/Partial Html out of AEM pages and XF



Hi Team ,

We are using the headless architecture to display the content from AEM in another application.

We wants to extract only the partial content from the page . By using the body selector we are able to get the necessary info but its also coming extra tags which are not needed for us like (html,head(empty tag) and even body also.)..

We want only Body content , we dont want the body tag as well. Is there any way that we can extract that by using AEM OOB or in customization as well.

Please share or advice any ideas .

Thanks In Advance.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)



OOTB you can use Content Services to serve content to other apps - as discussed here - Adobe Experience Manager Help | Getting Started with AEM Content Services

If this does not suit your needs - you would need to write a custom service that reads the given content and extracts the information that you need.