External File Data Store Failover



We have 1 author and 3 pubs sharing an NFS mounted datastore.  Things work really well after knocking out a few kinks.

AEM 6.5.2

However, we had a network outage this morning and it messed up the mount points because we might not have our mount points configured best.  Supposedly, by default they keep trying to reconnect and each time it failed, the timeout retry wouldn't be attempted to a much longer period of time.  

This got me thinking about something else, what is the best way to fail-over a shared file store? We can only define 1, but is there a best practice for this? 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




The most reliable configuration is to have S3 or Azure for a datastore.

There are not many recommendations for "fail-over a shared file store".  The regular backup strategy is probably the only one.

If you move to the brand new AEM as a cloud service (SaaS) you would not ever have this issue.

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