External component (OOTB), downloading Static HTML in publisher. AEM6.3.0



Hi All,


I have an open regarding OOTB External component from General group, i am using AEM6.3.0


The requirement is I have to include a HTML file to a page, it's like using iframe. Since i am using AEM6.3.0, limited to use OOTB External component instead Embed component.



In Author, I can see my HTML file is loading and can see the content of HTML inside External component. i.e. in page source we can see, and can see the content in Author.


<div class="external parbase section">
<iframe src="/content/dam/www/public/us/en/include/html-include-iframe/index.html" width="100%" height="700">



But when I publish this page and in Publisher I can see that particular file (index.html) is downloading to my Local system. (download on each and every refresh/reload of page)



How should I stop this downloading that is happening only in publisher, and can see the content of the HTML file that is included into iframe/External component




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