Experience Fragments Use-Cases / Real-world examples

jakej40603950 30-12-2019



I went through lot of the XF documentation and I understand how to create it, etc. But I'm still not fully sure when and where it'll be a good idea to use it.


Anyone have any examples of XF usage in their projects or has thoughts on use cases where XF would be a good solution to use?


Thanks for any replies on this.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



An example of experience fragment could be Header and Footer.

 To understand how to decide whether to use XF or use components directly on the page?

Wherever you have common content e.g. social media, pre-footer, legal, etc. within pages. you can create as an experience fragment and later use it in the page using XF.




Answers (3)

Answers (3)

ka786 30-12-2019

We have used it in  our project while integrating aem with target.

Experience fragments are exported to target where they are used as personalized content.

dwhuntley1515 02-01-2020

Plan on using Content Fragments for disclaimers on our financial site.  Probably end up using Content Fragments instead of XF since we won't need styling.   Variations will help tailor the disclaimers depending on content and audience, and still provide one spot for legal to make updates if needed that will update the entire site.