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Experience Fragment with Custom Static Template


Level 2


Is there any way to create an Experience Fragment with Custom Static Template.

I have my Custom Static template, and I want my Experience Fragment to be created out of that template instead of the default Web variation template.

Could someone please help me in how to do so ?

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Level 10

Static Templates are used to create pages - not Experience Fragments. To create an Experience Fragment - see this AEM Docs:

Experience Fragments

What you are trying to do anyhow that the OOTB templates will not work?

As far as Static templates - in AEM 6.4 - best practice is to move away from Static Templates to Editable Templates as discussed in the WEEKEND Tutorial:

Getting Started with AEM Sites - WKND Tutorial

Hope this helps...


Level 2

Thank you for the reply.

I am Still in AEM 6.3.

And Yes, The OOTB templates does not work for me.  And moreover like it was shown in the Article that was suggested, They have their own Custom template for the We.Retail. Similarly I want to have my own Custom template.  But my current templates are Static templates.  So, I was trying to use the same custom template for the Experience Fragment as well.

So looking for a way around here.