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Hello guys,

I understood the basic creation of experience fragments and expose them to other external sources but not able to figure out how to create live-copies and maintain as localized data (I want to understand is it same as normal pages that we need to create live-copies or do we have any other way to do as use them).

Problem Statement:

I wanted to know what is the best way to create language copies for experience fragments. Could you please suggest a way to create language copies and how to use them in content pages/ export them to an external source (as headless CMS).

Please let me know if any Adobe docs are available to my use-case.

Thanks in advance

Mani Kumar K

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Per my knowledge, it is a more or less similar way as you'd proceed with for content pages. You can create language copy/live copy as a variation of experience fragment. For exposing to third party apps, use .plain. selector.


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