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Experience Fragment: How to influence properties on creation?


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Hi everybody!

If I create a new Experience Fragment, the Create Wizard starts. There I can choose a template and in the next step, I can set some properties:


How can I change these? The wizard creates a node with the cq:template /libs/cq/experience-fragments/components/experiencefragment/template and the resource type cq/experience-fragments/components/experiencefragment. (The child node get the template choosen in Step 1 of the wizard.)

But I can not find these properties at this resource. Is it possible the overwrite them, based on the template I choose in the first step?

So, if I create a Experience Fragment from template A, I get the default properties. If I create one from template B, I get other properties.

For pages, this is simple, but the Experience Fragments seem to work different.

Thank you and best regards!

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Sounds like you want to change the wizard itself.


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Not really. If I create a page, I use the create page wizard. But I can change the properties that are editable during the creation by configuring the cq:dialog of the resource that is connected to the chosen template. I do not need to touch the crete page wizard for it in any way.

I'd like to archive the same for Experience Fragments.