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As per this https://github.com/arunpatidar02/aem63app-repo/blob/master/java/TestEventHandler.java


Event filter is added , I have added the event filter to replication.actiate type.

But due to the mistake in event filter replication.activate is not triggering.

If I remov the event filter it is working fine.

I wanted a event filter to set to pages below /content/myproj so that replication triggers only for.those page activation.

@Arun_Patidar could you help in resolving the above 

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Not entirely sure what your question is - do you want any pages created or modified under /content/myproj to be automatically replicated?


If so, why not just use a launcher workflow instead of trying to implement an event handler for it? The launcher can be set on the path /content/myproj and be associated with the replication workflow for this (that is if I got your question right)

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