Error while exporting Experience Fragment from AEM to Target



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I'm trying to create Experience Fragment in AEM and export it to Adobe Target. I was referring to below doc [1] to integrate AEM with Adobe Target via the Target Standard API which requires the configuration of Adobe IMS and Adobe I/O. The document ask us to create Integration in Adobe I/O console but when I log into Adobe I/O, it doesn't option to create Integration. Rather it has option to create it as Project. I have created Project in Console and connection was successful between AEM & Target.


When I create to export the Experience Fragment to AEM referring to doc[2], I see below error message in XF console and in error.log


Caused by: Unexpected response status code [400] for request [].
{"httpStatus":400,"requestId":"ro7ZVSOSwOw6JpJ4kvP39tJKGhIfAcsX","requestTime":"2020-05-27T06:21:44.465Z","errors":[{"errorCode":"WorkspacesEnabledClient.offerDTO.workspaces","message":"workspaces not enabled for the client","meta":{"workspaces":"invalid"}}]}
at [com.adobe.cq.cq-target-integration:1.3.28]
... 151 common frames omitted


Kindly let me know if I'm missing something as I get "workspaces not enabled for the client" error message.

[1] -

[2] -

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Accepted Solutions (1)



@rubenf42159101 Did you select the correct workspace in Adobe Target as part of the integration in Adobe I/O ?



Did you select the same workspace in AEM config too ?




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