Error while exporting Experience Fragment from AEM to Target



Hi All,

I'm trying to create Experience Fragment in AEM and export it to Adobe Target. I was referring to below doc [1] to integrate AEM with Adobe Target via the Target Standard API which requires the configuration of Adobe IMS and Adobe I/O. The document ask us to create Integration in Adobe I/O console but when I log into Adobe I/O, it doesn't option to create Integration. Rather it has option to create it as Project. I have created Project in Console and connection was successful between AEM & Target.


When I create to export the Experience Fragment to AEM referring to doc[2], I see below error message in XF console and in error.log


Caused by: Unexpected response status code [400] for request [].
{"httpStatus":400,"requestId":"ro7ZVSOSwOw6JpJ4kvP39tJKGhIfAcsX","requestTime":"2020-05-27T06:21:44.465Z","errors":[{"errorCode":"WorkspacesEnabledClient.offerDTO.workspaces","message":"workspaces not enabled for the client","meta":{"workspaces":"invalid"}}]}
at [com.adobe.cq.cq-target-integration:1.3.28]
... 151 common frames omitted


Kindly let me know if I'm missing something as I get "workspaces not enabled for the client" error message.

[1] -

[2] -

Thanks and Regards,

Ruben Fernando

AEM Target

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Please confirm on the following:


- Check and confirm if activity syncs as expected to the Default workspace. This is required so that we can segregate if the issue is occurring only with custom workspace or an issue with Default as well.


The sync to custom workspace is only supported for Experience Fragments as of now. All other activities created in AEM (A/B test etc.) are only synced to default workspace, use of custom workspace is not supported in this scenario as of now.

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