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Error while connecting AEM with remote Solr


Level 2


I have  followed this URL http://docs.adobe.com/docs/en/aem/6-0/deploy/upgrade/queries-and-indexing.html

for connecting Solr with AEM. I configured AEM for Solr remote connection but when I run the query and do explain query. I get the following error:

cost using filter Filter(query=explain SELECT * FROM [nt:file] AS s, path=*)

found a Solr index definition solrIndex

unable to initialize Solr HTTP client for [http://localhost:8983/solr] org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrServer$RemoteSolrException: Expected mime type application/octet-stream but got text/html.

 <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"/> 
 <title>Error 404 Not Found</title> 
 <h2>HTTP ERROR 404</h2> 
 <p>Problem accessing /solr/admin/ping. Reason: <pre> Not Found</pre></p>
 <hr /><i><small>Powered by Jetty://</small></i>
 <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>  <br/> <br/> <br/> 
 <br/> <br/>  <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> 
 <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> 

 at org.apache.solr.client.solrj.impl.HttpSolrServer.request(HttpSolrServer.java:459).


I have attached the real output when I do explain query.

Any help will be great.

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Level 10

Open a bug against the docs here:


If you are following the AEM documentation and getting an error - then there is an issue in the docs. 

In the mean time - i will get support to look at this. 


Level 2

Thank you Scott. I will be looking towards it.