Entire DAM Synchronized into Dynamic Media server



HI All,

While I was setting up the Dynamic media configuration as soon I entered the details and clicked save my entire dam images synced into Scene7 server.

Is there any specific reason for it? Can anyone explain me whats happening?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



As soon as we create a scene7 configuration and click save then all the "_CSS" & "_DMSAMPLE" folders are created under synced folder (default: /content/dam) and same will be pushed into Scene7 server as well.

In below mentioned page I have found the Sample asset manager page link.


AssetManagerPage Link on local AEM is http://localhost:4502/libs/dam/gui/content/s7dam/samplemanager/samplemanager.html

From here we can find the list of assets synced , List all synced assets and List all unpublished assets.

On that page it's mentioned as below.

"The sample assets + preset CSS/artwork are now synced and activated AUTOMATICALLY when DMS7 cloud config is created."

Answers (3)

Answers (3)



I managed to sync only the specific folder into server by changing the assigning the folder (in crxde).

But in the Scene7 server I can see some folders names "_CSS" & "_DMSAMPLE" which has a lot of images which is not relevant to me.scene7 server.png

Can any one explain me.




If you review the config as per [1] , check value for "assign to folder". Looks like you did not explicitly select a path you wanted to sync. Please specify the path and I believe you should be good with it.

  • Assign to Folder - lets you assign this cloud configuration to a specific folder. By default, the root folder of the entire asset repository is selected.

[1] https://helpx.adobe.com/in/experience-manager/6-4/assets/using/config-dms7.html