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Enable layout mode with responsiveGrid


Level 3


I trying to put the layout mode on my page so I can use responsiveGrid to manipulate the layout and resize components.

I have been following two tutorials, the first below does not get into deep on clientlibs and editable templates configuration

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating your First Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 website

And this another one to put the layout container on the page

Configuring Layout Container and Layout Mode

But unfortunately my components on my layout is not resizing. I am trying to figure out why, and one thing that comes to me is that, on this project we are not using less, just simple css. But, I have created a folder clientlibs on my contentpage and I am using @import (once) "/etc/clientlibs/wcm/foundation/grid/grid_base.less";

It could be that my problem?

I have to have all the configuration to use less on my project?

Thank you in advance for all the help

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Level 10

"But unfortunately my components on my layout is not resizing"

Using LESS and resizing components is beyond the scope of Creating your First AEM Web Site article.

Having said that - you can use CSS like you can in non-AEM web projects to control the style of your site.