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  Hello everyone. I have a question about editable templates and something its not clear.

Lets say i have to put a logo on every page.

I'm using Editable Templates.

So i have like 1 template-type and 10 templates from it.

I understand i can put the logo on the template-type and then create templates. Everything is fine. Logos are everywhere but i actually can't modify it.

If i want to change the logo in the parent template-type. It wont be possible because it will change only if i create a new template. This because changes are not reflected.

At this point. How can achieve an inheritance system with editable template? Iparsys is not an option and its not the best practice.

How should i do this?

In case the client has lets say 40 templates, i think its not reasonable change logo in every template, but change it on a parent and then inherit modification through all the others.

Another point is. If i need some policy restricting allowed components, they are template based.

What if i need some different policies on pages with same template?

The only solution i see its to create many template and policies as my pages.

Thank you

Answers (1)

Answers (1)



We had a similar issue and we have implemented editable templates successfully along with inheritance.



  1. Create base page component all the template types you need.
  2. Create number of templates you need.
  3. Under created template add iparsys node (in our case header and footer) with resource type wcm/foundation/components/iparsys
  4. And then utilize the iparsys instead of initial content for configuration of base components like header and footer.