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Hi All,


I have use case where i have to add grid component to bisect my page in 2-10 grid layout. so in templte editor i dropped the grid component which divide page. now each part a parsys in which we can add the components.


Now i'm setting policy to the each parsys for  allowed component in respective parsys. now in a grid layout i need to add header and footer as per new design header should be only in right side division only now. i have added header,layout container ,and footer. and by setting policy on layout container, i unlock it as content author can add component in this layout as per their requirement.

after opening initial content page i'm not able to add component in it.


for reference my structure node structure as follows:-







                                                 responsivegrid(not able to edit on initial content)



any help or guidance will be appreciated



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ajinkayk6258253,

There are 2 likely reasons why this might be:

  1. The responsivegrid is locked.
    You can unlock it using the lock/unlock button like so:
    Peek 2020-07-02 20-16.gif

  2. There are no allowed component. Make sure that the responsivegrid has a policy which allows a set of components to be placed inside. 
    The responsivegrid should look like this in Structure mode:
    Not like this:


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Answers (1)