Editable Template Is taking Current Design as /etc/design/default



I am trying to set some Clientlibs via the design dialog of the template but its not picking the property. When I further tried to look into PageImpl of the Core bundle found that its reading from currentDesign 

My Page template extended from Core component why its not taking in consideration the policy set in conf node and taking /etc/designs rather as design path. Design dialog property should work as expected with core page component.

Here is the PageImpl of Core Page


And we just creating supertype of Page V2. I can't assume just to access the  getClientLibCategories() we need to re implement the Page and write a logic again.

As I saw documentation on Editable Template clearly says it takes design from Policy node in /conf...






protected void addPolicyClientLibs(List<String> categories) {
        if (currentStyle != null) {
            Collections.addAll(categories, currentStyle.get(PN_CLIENTLIBS, ArrayUtils.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY));
clientLibCategoriesJsHead = currentStyle.get(PN_CLIENTLIBS_JS_HEAD, ArrayUtils.EMPTY_STRING_ARRAY);






 I tried printing on page currentDesign.path() and its results in /etc/designs/default 

I am not sure how we can take this from the policies. Is there something we need to do in order to get the design from the policy node?


I can see the policy node having the property clientlibs and clientlibsJsHead , but I believe it's not being picked as the currentDesign is still pointing to defalt design in /etc. And if I delete /etc/designs/default its picking /libs/settings/wcm/designs/default instead of picking from /conf/<project>/setting...policy

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Did you try to add the clientlib from page properties of aem template?