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Edit the page node through Other page under Content


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I have two pages (Page1 and Page 2) with several nodes. Suppose Page1 has a node 'terms' with a text property. I can call this node from any of the two pages and should be able to Edit the content (through rich text editor). I am able Edit 'terms' text without issues from Page1 but not allowing to Edit from Page2 but showing message 'The content is being referenced from <path of 'terms' node under page1>).

Is there a way in CQ5 to edit the text of a Content node from other pages?

Appriciate your response!

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Please refer to this Community Article:- http://blogs.adobe.com/experiencedelivers/experience-management/default-components-in-your-parsys/

// Make Component part of Template. It is pre-filled template, so when you create a page, it would have pre filled component. So all the pages create by template would have same content. 

When you make changes to content of template, the changes would get reflected across the pages.

Reference links:- 





Option 2 could be:- if you want to have it configurable on one page and reuse it everywhere one option would be iparsys, which is an inheriting parsys that traverses up the page hierarchy until it finds a component in it.

Link:- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21053131/how-do-we-define-global-properties-in-cq5


I hope this would help you.


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Kautuk Sahni

Kautuk Sahni


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IS your use case you have common text on different pages and you want to use that common text throughout your site? 

Typically, a RTE only edits the text on a specific page.