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shashi1223 11-12-2018

Hello Team,

I want to add Hotspot as part of the Dynamic Media Mixed media set. Did anyone tried this.

What I need a simple carousel with thumbnails from hotspot, couple of images with flyout zoom, 360 spin.

smacdonald2008​, Arun Patidar​, kautuksahni​ Please help.

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Answers (4)

shashi1223 17-12-2018


I have tried to add carousel set(Which has a hotspot) to Mixed Media Set but I am not able to browse Carousel Set with existing Asset Picker.

Please suggest/help.

smacdonald2008 17-12-2018

Team replied:

Hotspots cannot be added directly within the mixed media set editor, they must first be added to the constituent images or carousel sets that make up the mixed media set.