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I have a scenario where the customer is on AEM 6.4 and using normal rendition creation process(Dam update asset workflow). Dam size is around 1.6 TB.


The customer has procured Dynamic Media recently and want to migrate all their assets to dynamic media. Per Adobe documentation   "Dynamic Media - Scene7 mode", should be considered. But I did not find any answers to following questions.



  1. Post enabling Dynamic media, how all the assets which are present in AEM shall be ported to Dynamic media for 1st time?(Do we need the source Images to be pushed to Scene 7 or is there a feature to configure S7 to pull the images from AEM on the first request).
  2. Does the existing renditions shall be propagated to dynamic media?
  3. What approach shall be considered  to delete the existing renditions  and do we need to execute offline compaction post deleting the existing renditions.


 Would really appreciate any kind of inputs here.


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Here are the answers per me:

1. While configuring the dynamic media(DM) in the cloud configuration, you need to mention the delivery time to DM(upload or activation), In your case activation make sense as no need to do re-upload or run DAM update workflow where scene7 uploading happens provided you selected upload option while configuring.

2. DM stores only a single master file PTIFF which generates the dynamic rendition based on image presets. No static rendition will go to DM.

3. Do not delete static rendition as these are used in the authoring interface depending on the location(tile size etc). Let static rendition be there unless there is a very compelling reason to get rid of them.


Hope it gives you some pointers.



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