Dynamic Media Component (Video) not working in authoring mode (EDIT) on upgraded instance



ENV: AEM (upgraded from AEM6.4)

On using Dynamic Media component, "is/image" request is throwing console error on Author EDIT mode.

In DISABLED mode, the same request picks the imageserverurl, which works fine.


**/is/image ** Request reference:,json,UTF-...
No preview server defined for root ID referenced in net path

In Error.log, getting
ERROR* [ [1591945086976] GET /is/image/conf/global/settings/dam/dm/presets/viewer/video HTTP/1.1] com.adobe.cq.dam.s7imaging.impl.ps.forwarder.ForwardRequestHandlerFactory Unable to forward request for root ID: [conf], no preview server defined for [conf]


Does Scene7 or Dynamic Media configuration required.?


Any pointers or suggestion much appreciated.

Dynamic Media Scene7 Video

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)






We need to configure Dynamic Media configuration in author by going to "Cloud Services --> Dynamic Media Configuration" 




Select global and click on Create button on top right corner


Enter the configuration details by entering Scene7 Email and password 

Make sure the account has the proper permission to upload/activate the images in scene7 

Select the region based on the account where the Scene7 server is present


Hope this helps!


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