Does AEM support docker to deploy on Kubernetes?

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Hi Krishna,


AEM as cloud which is cloud native solution from Adobe released early this year is built based on docker and kubernates. This makes AEM highly resilient and horizontally scalable. 


For your information AEM as cloud is different from AEM 6.x and it has a different licensing model when compared to the on-perm and AMS 6.x deployments. Refer to the followling link for more information on AEM as cloud.


If you are looking for 6.x with docker and orchestration then there is a solution from Hoodoo Digital 


Its good idea to consider AEM as cloud because that's the future of AEM 





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Answers (1)



Hello Krishna,


there is currently no support and I dont think it is on the roadmap either.

Of course this does not mean you could or should not use it.
However putting AEM in a docker itself is easy to setup and it works quite well from what I have experienced - the big problem however is the big amount of assets and content on QA and productive systems which would lead to a gigantic docker image. Thats why I would strongly recommended to only use a docker setup for dev and your local instances if you also face that problem. An alternative would be to not use the AEM DAM for your assets but that will make things even more complex and you wont benefit from a lot of OOTB AEM features and you will face other problems...

For example I am using a local docker setup for the development setup for me and my colleagues which works quite fine and provides an easy setup also for new colleagues or trainees without spending multiple hours setting up a local instance first by installing all packages and applying all needed configurations. The same result could also be achieved by copying your quickstart folder every time to get a new fresh preconfigured instance - so you should really think about the effort you might put into docker and the result and advantages you`ll gain. However if you cover the whole AEM stack from Author to Dispatcher you might benefit from a standarized docker image for the dev environment