Document duplicate detector not firing



Using AEM 6.2 have configured AEM as per the instructions here:

But we can’t get the duplication warning to fire when we test.  We enabled the service as per the instruction, then copied a document off the site and uploaded it again with no warning coming up.  It also didn’t fire after AEM was restarted.  Any ideas? 

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Several things to check.

1. When you upload the document initially, check to see if the metadata has the property @dam:sha1 with a value.

2. If item 1 is fine, then upload the document again. This time enable query debugging to see if the query below gets executed.

//element(*, dam:Asset)[(jcr:content/metadata/@dam:sha1 = 'SHA1-VALUE')]"

3. If the query is executed and you are still not getting duplicate document detection, I would validate the query in the CRXDE Lite Query Tool.

This should help to provide you with some hints on how to address this. If you still cannot resolve it, I would recommend opening a ticket with us to help you further.

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