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Dispatcher invalidation doesn't work for underlying files


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Hi everybody, i need to invalidate _jcr_content.json under content/web-app/en_GB/login/index/_jcr_content.json
this json should be updated after page modification
after activation page dispatcher log perform next steps:


Activation detected: action=Activate [/content/web-app/en_GB/login/index] Touched /opt/communique/dispatcher/cache/.stat Touched /opt/communique/dispatcher/cache/content/.stat Touched /opt/communique/dispatcher/cache/content/web-app/.stat Touched /opt/communique/dispatcher/cache/content/web-app/en_GB/.stat Touched /opt/communique/dispatcher/cache/content/web-app/en_GB/login/.stat response.status = 200 response.headers[Server] = "Communique/2.6.3 (build 5221)" response.headers[Content-Type] = "text/html" cache flushed

no .stat file under /content/ee-id-web/en_GB/login/index/ path, therefore _jcr_content.json isn't invalidate.

cache-action for [/content/web-app/en_GB/login/index/_jcr_content.json]: DELIVER request declined "GET /content/web-app/en_GB/login/index/_jcr_content.json" - - 0ms

cache-config records:
/docroot "/opt/communique/dispatcher/cache"
/statfileslevel "6"

   /0000 { /glob "*" /type "deny" }
   /0001 { /glob "*.html" /type "allow" }
   /0003 { /glob "*content.json" /type "allow" }

Does Anybody know how to avoid this behavior?

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if .stat file is not created under /content/ee-id-web/en_GB/login/index/, then it will go one level up recursively and try to locate .stat file there until if finds the file there. Can you please make sure that .stat file is generated in the above folder hierarchy ? which page you tried to activate, index ? 


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Yep, .stat files are generated.

/statfileslevel "6" so as far as i understand it should be under /content/web-app/en_GB/login/index/.stat but it is missing. .stat files exist from level /content/web-app/en_GB/login/.stat and higher in folder hierarchy.

Yep I activate page /content/web-app/en_GB/login/index.html and required file is one level down  /content/web-app/en_GB/login/index/_jsr_content.json

Even in this case (without .stat file) , dispatcher should invalidate all underlying tree which begins from folder with stat-file, because of older modification date. But nothing happened.


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i could able to replicate the issue in my local, not sure what is the root cause but consider workaround to deactivate the page which will clear all the files/folder from the location.


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Did you get a solution for this issue other than deactivating the page?



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