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I am attempting to configure ACS commons based redirect map manager according to the documentation here https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/features/redirect-map-manager/index.html


I am experiencing 2 permissions issues. The dispatcher SSH user doesnt have permissions to either the /etc/cron.hourly or /etc/httpd/conf/ folders.


What is the typical protocol to access protected folders?

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Accepted Solutions (1)



@JustinFromRelias  If you are using the script mentioned in https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/features/redirect-map-manager/index.html


The user which would execute the corn job to import the redirects from publish to dispatcher instance should have.


execute permission for /etc/cron.hourly 

write permission for /etc/httpd/conf, /var/log/httpd, /tmp

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