Disable/remove delete copy and paste options from edit toolbar



Lets imagine I have the following components in my AEM project

Component A

Component B

Component C

Now I want to create a new component (Component D) which contains Component A,B and some additional new things. I have added Component A and B using cq:template. SO when we add component D to the page the child nodes for component A and B will be automatically created.

Inside the jsp of component D I have included A and B using cq:include like

<cq:include path="a"

       resourceType=“components/A" />

<cq:include path="b"

       resourceType=“components/B" />

Everything is working as expected till now. I can edit the properties of A and B individually using edit toolbar. But I want to disable the delete copy and paste options for the embedded component A and B.

So is there any way to disable/remove delete copy and paste options for child component ?