Disable cancel inheritance of component dialog field on MSM rolled out LiveCopy page



I would like to prevent an author from overwriting/canceling inheritance for one field in a component dialog on a page that has been rolled out using LiveCopy from the master site.

Is this possible? Is there a property I can add to that dialog field that would prevent the author for overwriting it, meaning it will always inherit from the master site?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Not sure but you could try to add "fieldEditLockMode" on that property and test it out.

Per this thread/user, it should do the trick as you expect  ---  

Re: Field Level Inheritance - MSM

I found the property "fieldEditLockMode" in this article: aem - CQ5 - Cancel individual property inheritance of a Live Copy component - Stack Overflow. Adding this to the component dialog let the small locks appear in front of the field in the dialog. But when I cancel the inheritance of a field, changing the content, close dialog and rollout again from blueprint the lock is closed and content is snyced.

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Answers (2)



Breaking inheritance on component field level is not supported in Touch UI, but in Classic UI it is.

Not sure why, because it's a common use case imho - we have used it on several sites and it makes editing less effort (e.g. you can keep inheritance for an image, but just override the text field).