Direct login to the aem from third-party web application which is non AEM site using valid credentials



Is there any API integrations for web applications to directly login into the AEM from third-party web application which is non AEM.


Also, kindly suggest any alternate options.

User can use AEM login screen & direct login implementations mentioned above.


Thanks in Advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



@karthik-elumalai  You can access AEM author only with a valid authentication.


If not with SSO, you can use usernames and corresponding passwords to reach AEM author.

Basic Auth is the simplest. Add  a "Authorization" header to your request to AEM author with value "Basic Base64(uname:pwd)".


Base64(uname:pwd) = Base64 encoded value of the string aem_username:password

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Answers (1)




@karthik-elumalai thank you for posting in Communities. Great place to learn, collaborate. So as per your question, you want to provide aem author link in a third party application and user upon clicking the link directly should login to aem author without further login screen?


Where is the third party application hosted? Please explore the option of using SSO(Single Sign On) which will enable access multiple applications with a single sign on to any application under its configuration.


AEM supports almost any SSO IDPs.


If you are not looking for SSO , please help us with more details..