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Digital Transformation: Seriously? by The Digital Marketing Architect


Many years ago, my grandmother told me that she did not understand why I received a salary for spending the whole day behind a computer. In comparison, my grandfather had been a captain in cargo ships and a pilot. Although I did not ask her what troubled her, I assumed that, for her, a computer was just another machine and mainly for gaming. To make money, you had to do “something”.

If you are reading this, I am 99.99% sure that you are in the same situation as me. Many of us spend the day working with our computers. Sometimes with even more than one at a time. Not only this, the computers we use, are continuously getting more powerful. My first laptop had an Intel 80386SX, 2MB of RAM memory and an HDD with 40MB. 28 years later, I am writing this blog post with an Intel Core i7 vPro 8th Gen, 16GB of RAM and an SSD with 250GB. Oh, I also forgot to say that I have 3 screens in front of me. In summary, in the last few decades, we have moved from a society where computers were just giant mainframes only for a few, to simple personal computers, to having computers at the centre of almost everything.

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Digital Transformation: Seriously?


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