Difference between fragmentlastsave and jcr:lastModifed date in content fragment



While working on AEM Content Fragments we noticed that there is a new jcr property which is "fragmentlastsave" and trying to figure out the purpose of this property. The value getting stored is same as value stored as part of jcr:lastModifed date. Any can provide the justification for this? 

AEM 6.4 content fragments contexthub

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I couldn't tell you exactly when jcr:lastModified might be used vs lastFragmentSave within AEM's internal logic.

What I can say is that lastFragmentSave is the a timestamp indicating the last time at which original fragment was saved, whereas jcr:lastModified is a more generic timestamp that indicates when the resource as a whole was last modified.

You can see the difference between these two concepts when you create a variation of a fragment:


The original fragment doesn't change so lastFragmentSave isn't updated.

However, the creation of a variation is an update of the resource, so jcr:lastModified is updated 🙂

In this screenshot you can see that, in this example,  the two are about a minute a part.



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